Francesco Yoshi Gobbo [ FraYoshi ]

about me
I'm an italian that loves Computer Science, Technology, the Japanese Language, Star Trek, Stargate, Sci-Fi in general and animations (japanese generally), I am a Libre Licenses "advocate", YouTube/Twitch Streamer, love Open Source, hate Microsoft, sometime I play games, sometime I code and generally I like the idea I can continue to study for my whole life  but found it out only after finishing the school, so my school records were low. I like Science and obviously music


work life
ex-performer in acting, dance and singing, theatrical and not. Today I work as film-maker, mainly post-production, 3D animations and VFx. As a freelancer I also work as web-developer and system-administration.


People I admire
Linus Torvalds | Nikola Tesla | Albert Einstein | Stephen Hawking | Francesco d'Assisi | Elon Musk | Richard Stallman | Edward Snowden


Licenses I prefer
Creative Commons | All Rights reserved but quite some permissions granted included commercial use with or with/o attribution.


Flag Music Genres
Pop | J-Pop | Folk | Japanese Folk | Ambient | Gothic | Cyberpunk | 8-bit | Lo-Fi | EDM | Synthwave | Metal | Punk | Classical | ElectroClassical


Some Favorite Artist
Adrian von Ziegler | Harris Heller | AFI | Complex Numbers | Kevin MacLeod | Avril Lavigne | Hilary Duff | Dark Fantasy Studio | Flux Pavilion | RAVE (italian artist vanished) | J-Ax | Cyberpunkers | Green Day | Evanescence | Paramore | Linking Park | Zero Assoluto | Giovanni Allevi | Eiffel 65 | Blink-182 | Fall Out Boy | T.A.T.U. | Radwimps | Jovanotti | Passenger | Eddie Vedder | Elisa


Say something to the world
Long Life and Prosperity.